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Burt Blanca

Personnel incl.:
Burt Blanca (gtr, vcls)

Brussel (Brussels)/Brabant

Albums [selective]:
1. Burt Blanca and the King Créole's (Président KVP 235) 1969
A-Side: King Creole; It's Now Or Never; Teddy Bear; No More; Don't Be Cruel; Surrender; Blue Suede Shoes - B-Side: Brand New Cadillac; Good Golly Miss Molly; Lucille; Jeanny, Jeanny, Jeanny; Rock Around The Clock; Shout.
2. Rock'n' Roll In Memoriam Volume 2 (National NAT 16138) 197?
A-Side: Hard Headed Woman; Kiss Me Quick; Ready Teddy; I'm Yours; All Shook Up; Cryin' In The Chappel; Baby I Don't Care - B-Side: Jenny Jenny; Only You; Long Tall Sally; One Night; Carol; Peggy Sue; C'mon Ev'rybody.
3. Rock'n' Roll In Memoriam Volume 3 (National NAT 16149) 197?
A-Side: Shake, Rattle And Roll; In The Ghetto; Say Mama; The Wonder Of You; Shakin' All Over; The House Of The Rising Sun; Something Else - B-Side: High School Confidential; Are You Lonesome Tonight?; Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On; Be Bop A Lula; Blue Berry Hill; Memphis Tennessee; Dirty Feelin'.
4. Rock'n' Roll In Memoriam Volume 4 (National NAT 16155) 197?
A-Side: Caroline; Rock 'n' roll is good for the soul; Tennessee Rock; Long black jacket; Buzz buzz buzzy; Miss Molly - B-Side: Fascination; Near you; Orion; St. Louis Blues; Janie; Schenk mir dein Lachen.
5. Rock'n' Roll In Memoriam Volume 5 (National NAT 16161) 197?
A-Side: Sweet Little Sixteen; Maybellene; Diana; Lawdy Miss Clowdy; Crazy Love; My Baby Left Me - B-Side: Milkcow Blues Boogie; Big Blon' Baby; Loving You; Money Honey; Im Coming Home; Skinnie Minnie.
6. Rock'n' Roll In Memoriam Volume 6 (National NAT 16162) 197?
A-Side: My Girl Josephine; Unchained Melody; Blue Moon; I Got Stung; Muss I Denn; I'm Going Home - B-Side: Rock'n' Roll Music; Hippy Hippy Shake; I Can't Stop Loving You; River Deep Mountain High; Tiger Man Mistery Train; Don't Leave Me Now.
7. Rock'n' Roll In Memoriam Volume 7 (National NAT 16170) 197?
A-Side: Rip It Up; Come Closer To Me; Jezebel; Violetta (Hear My Song); Talahassee Lassie; Shake A Hand - B-Side: Bop A Lena; Dream Baby; Take Five; September In The Rain; Bye Bye Johnny; Rock'n' Roll.
8. Rock'n' Roll In Memoriam Volume 8 (National NAT 16173) 197?
A-Side: See See Rider; Put Your Head on My Shoulder; Breathless; Santa Lucia; Satisfaction; Je partirai - B-Side: I'll Be Me; Puppy Love; Dr. Feelgood; Route 66; My Bonnie; Summertime Blues.
9. Burt Blanca and the King Créole's Vol. 9 (National NAT 16176) 197?
A-Side: I got a woman; Love me tender; Hound dog; Such a night; Trouble; Little sister - B-Side: Viva Las Vegas; Kansas City; Lonely riding Cowboy; Apache; Jailhouse rock; Tutti frutti.
10. Burt Blanca and the King Créole's Vol. 10 (National NAT 16178) 197?
A-Side: Twist à St-Tropez; Ya Ya Twist; Locomotion; Le sidewalk; Hey Baby; Percolator Twist - B-Side: Let's Twist Again; Peppermint Twist; Twistin' The Night Away; Mashed Potatoes; Red River Rock; Quatermaster Stories.
11. Karate Rock par Burt Blanca Vol. 11 (National NAT 16181) 197?
12. Burt Blanca and the King Créole's Instrumental Vol. 12 (National NAT 16182) 197?
A-Side: The Spotnick Theme; Telstar; Guitar Tango; La Rosita; Little "B"; F.B.I. - B-Side: Orange Blossom Special; Brazil; Moonshot; Anna; Galloping Guitar; Echo Boogie.
13. Burt Blanca A Hawaï Vol. 13 (National NAT 16189) 197?
A-Side: Queenie Wahini's Rock; I'm Sorry; Jambalaya; La Fille Qui M'attend; Epedemia D'amore; I Can't Stop Loving You - B-Side: Hawaiian Dream; Lonesome Rider; Sleep Walk; Rancho Melodie; Dreaming Memories; Im Garten von Kyoto.
14. Fighting-Rock! Vol. 14 (National NAT 16192) 197?
A-Side: Valera; Est-ce Que Tu Le Sais; Be Bop A Lula; We Want Rock 'N Roll; J'avais Deux Amis; Souvenirs-souvenirs - B-Side: Elle Est Terrible; Rock'n' Roll Musique; Memphis Tennessee; Le Rock Du Bagne; Carole; Le Roi Creole.
15. Les Shadows/Les Spotnicks interprétés par Burt Blanca Vol. 15 (National NAT 16195) 197?
A-Side: Honky Tonky; Albatross; Shadoogie; Midnight; Amapola; Laughing guitar - B-Side: Peter Gun; Five hundred miles; Dance with the guitar man; Ipcress file; Romanza; Big guitar.
16. Burt Blanca and the King Créole's Vol. 16 (National NAT 16196) 197?
A-Side: J'suis perdu; Le pénitencier; Fume cette cigarette; C'est un rocker; C'est pas sérieux; Comm'un fou - B-Side: Rien que huit jours; Sally; L'idole des jeunes; Lucille; Trois en amour; Les guitares jouent.
17. Tribute To Elvis Presley par Burt Blanca Vol. 17 (National NAT 16200) 197?
18. Burt Blanca au Texas Vol. 18 (National NAT 16204) 197?
A-Side: Country Banjo; Tom Dooley; Jackson; Le bon, la brute et le truand; Tumbling Tumbleweeds - B-Side: Il était une fois dans l'Ouest; Texas Rider; Cotton Fields; Travelling Hight; Riders in the Sky.
19. Burt Blanca and the King Créole's Vol. 19 (Président TED 7033) 197?
A-Side: Blue jean bop; Lonely boy; School days; My prayer; Polk salad Annie; Nervous breakdown - B-Side: See you later alligator; You are my destiny; Nadine; Venus; Hello Mary Lou; Baby blue.

1. Oh Carol/I Love You So (Hebra 190) 1960
2. Little Christine/Footsteps (Hebra 197) 1960
3. Darling Lorraine/I Love You So (Hebra 198) 1960
4. Sucu Sucu/Jij bent van mij (Hebra 209) 1961
5. Texas Rider/Shamash (Hebra 210) 1961
6. Zoo be zoo be zoo/Tonight (Hebra 228) 1961
7. Eh Teenager Eh/Lientje (Hebra 238) 1961
8. Faraway Places/Strings (HMV GPB 81) 1962
9. Ya Ya Twist/Weekend Twist (HMV GF 810) 1962
10. Ya Ya Twist/Baby C'Est Vous (HMV GF 811) 1962
11. Percolator Twist/Le Vagabond (HMV GF 829) 1962
12. Quand Tu Twistes Avec Moi/Les Affamés (HMV GF 832) 1962
13. Twist Babaluba Twist/Don't You Know (HMV GBP 90) 1962
14. Baby C'Est Vous/Twist Man Twist (HMV GF 843) 1963
15. Twist Signora/Guitar Boogie Twist (HMV GF 849) 1963
16. Ohé La Fille/Hey Baby (HMV GF 850) 1963
17. Accordian Twist/Fudjiyama (Hebra 244) 1963
18. Hawaï Jungle/Chi Chico Teek (Hebra 268) 1963
19. Rancho Melody/Felicidad (Hebra 269) 1963
20. Valse Chinoïse/Creole Woogie (Hebra 284) 1963
21. Spotty/Lilly An (Hebra 301) 1964
22. Fast Race/Spanish Serenade (Hebra 306) 1964
23. Blanka Jenka/Guitar for Jenka (Hebra 319) 1964
24. Kanahe/The Diamond Ring (Hebra 320) 1964
25. Catari Catari/Reviens Moi (Hebra 329) 1965
26. Ursula/Beach Blues (Decca 23.666) 1966
27. Granada/Venez les filles (Decca 23.673) 1966
28. Jailhouse rock/Adieu Suzy (Decca 23.674) 1966
29. J'ai besoin de toi/Venez avec moi (Decca 23.702) 1967
30. Appletrott/Laughing Guitar (Decca 23.717) 1967
31. Caroline/St.Louis Blues (Ronnex 1370) 1967
32. Fascination/Jamie (Ronnex 1376) 1967
33. Tennessee Waltz/Near You (Ronnex 1379) 1967
34. Janie/Pres De Toi (Ronnex 1381) 1967
35. Long black jacket/Buzz buzz busy (B&B Records BBM 0027) 1968
36. Guitar Boogie/C'est come ca dis! (B&B Records BBM 0041) 1968
37. Apache/Valéra (B&B Records BBM 0050) 1968
38. Ay ,Ay, Ay/Sylvie Cherie (Hebra 419) 1968
39. Tell me/If I were somebody in your life (Decca 23.928) 1969
40. Rock And Roll Is Good For The Soul/Miss Molly (Ronnex 1389) 1969
41. Otchi Chorina/Tiana (Ronnex 1405) 1969
42. La Paloma/Ayeye Aya (Ronnex 1419) 1970
43. Betty Jean/Hey Dom (Ronnex 1438) 1970
44. A girl in my brain/Hymn to the rock (Blue-Jeans BJ 21) 1972
45. Long Black Jacket/Buzz Buzz Buzzy (Blue-Jeans BJ 25) 1972
46. Haum!/Wryly Smile (Blue-Jeans BJ 26) 1972
47. Little Twister/Ba You Bap (Blue-Jeans BJ 27) 1973
48. Rocking Girl/It's Our Bap (Blue-Jeans BJ 28) 1973
49. Words Nibble/Sweet Geraldine (Blue-Jeans BJ 31) 1973
50. Johnny/Le Train Ne Pass Plus Par La (Hebra 650) 1975

1. Eh teenager eh/Christine/Texas rider/Shamash (Festival FX 45.282) 1961
2. Twist Twist Sinora/Guitar Boogie/Hey Baby/Ole La File (HMV EMF 319) 1963
3. Le Loco-Motion/Joanna/Twistons Le Madison/Sheila (HMV EMF 333) 1963
4. Magic Star/Rocking The Twelve Eight/Let's Dance/Limbo Rock (HMV EMF 335) 1963
5. L'Age De L'Amour/Deux Fill's Pour Un Garçon/Tu Sais Me Plaire/Je Partirai (HMV EMF 652) 1963
6. Accordion Twist/Jailer Bring Me Water/Fast Race/Don't Throw Your Love (Hebra EP 1020) 1964

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