Thursday, April 15, 2010

Johnny Richard & His Spikes

Personnel incl.:
Johnny Richard (vcls)


1. Jane/Your Lov'ly Face (Polydor 3356) 1969
2. Baby/It Was So Fine (Basart BB 651) 1970
3. Believe Me/I Want To Be Your Baby (Arcade Records 5104) 1970

[3. Johnny Richard solo]

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royorbison said...

Thanks a lot & hope to hear from you


royorbison said...

Tx for all these wonderful belgian songs , i live in belgium & love the sixties !!!
I have for you if you look for it Jane by johnny richard & his spikes
All the best from,


Buffalo Billycan said...

Dear Hilaire,

if you could make a mp3 of "Jane" and send it to I would really appreciate this.

royorbison said...

Songs on our their way to you !!!

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi Hilaire,

after first listening I fell in love with "Your lovely face", a heartbreaking beat-ballad. "Baby" is not bad and "Jane" a bit schmaltzy. I've already knew their killer track "It was so fine". Thanks a lot to give me the chance to listen to the tracks.

WV7505 said...

Could someone please help me? My friend wants to have the song Jane of Johnny Richard and his Spikes. He's been looking for it everywhere for years but can't find it. Someone PLEASE.

Anonymous said...


Could someone please send me the mp3files of all the songs from Johnny Richard and his spikes? I can't find these singles on the second hand market. I know the brother of Johnny Richard and would like to give a CD with the MP3 files on it for his birthday.
Thanks to all